Arduino Motor & Power Shield

Arduino Motor & Power Shield

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The Velleman VMA03 Motor & Power Shield for Arduino Uno™ (Velleman module No Soldering Required)

The Velleman VMA03 was designed to drive a relay or stepper motor with your Arduino Uno™. This module has (2) channels that can output up to 2.5 Amps when using internal power (from the Arduino®) or 6 Amps when using external power. You can run (2) DC motors forward/backward or (1) bipolar stepper motor. Pins on the Arduino Uno™ board can be used to stack other shields if needed. A downloadable example sketch is located on the Downloads tab to get you started.

Want to build your own? Check out the Velleman KA03.


  • 2.5 A (max.) output current (each channel)
  • 50 V (max.) external power supply input
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 55mm x 30 mm / 2.95" x 2.16" x 1.18"
  • Requires 1 Ardunio Uno™ - Not Included